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Examples of the dramatic changing views in science:

20th century science heritage

21st century emerging science views
Big Bang as the origin of universe. (where do we come from?)
Big Bang appeal will diminish when 'self-organizing principles' are more widely understood, since they do a better job in answering fundamental questions. For instance, the question 'where we come from' is answered more elegantly through the focus on 'self-organizing principles'.

Speed of light as limit for all things.
Under certain conditions information and energy can travel faster than the speed of light.

2nd law thermodynamics: A closed system will lead to greater disorder (decay). Often extended as a general principle for the universe.

The universe is an open system, the dynamics of self-organization are omnipresent, at all levels of observation and all aspects of observation.

Big Bang as energy source.
A shift from 'big bang' to 'dark matter' as the source from which the universe draws energy. Our universe is merely a ripple on an ocean of energy.

What is energy?
Energy originates from consciousness.

What is consciousness?
Consciousness arises from 'identity' (self-sufficiency) in a dynamic field of interactions.

How does 'identity' arise?
Identity arises in a field of interactions, with a high Creative-R. (as in our universe)

Does our experience count or are we merely the latest 'model' in the process of evolution?
We live in a participative universe and our thoughts and actions have a profound impact on the way 'reality' is shaped. Moreover, our thoughts and actions contribute to the overall consciousness from which energy arises. Hence we are participants and creators, as described for instance through the cycles of the Universe Grand Design.

When we die, what remains?
Studies of NDE's (Near Death Experiences)
Studies of reincarnation.
Reincarnation accepted as a fact in some science communities.
The cyclic nature of the universe and the notion of consciousness as the driving force do make reincarnation a logical outcome. The acceptance will be slow in coming, yet the logical and mathematical predictions for it, combined with a growing base of scientific evidence will bring about fundamental changes to the sciences and its role in society.

Is there a purpose in life? A question largely left unanswered by the sciences, other than the notion of survival. Self-organizing principles are not limited to our physical universe. You and I are here on earth because our souls have chosen to be here. The lines between science and spirituality will need new definitions.

The implications for 21st century education:

20th century science heritage:

21st century emerging view:

a universe of matter.
- we have only body and brain -

a universe of energy.
- we have body, brain, mind and soul -      

The struggle about mind,
who will fill the vacuum?

Science inertia,
waiting for the next generations of scientists?


Religious dogma?

Personal empowerment
Emotional Intelligence?

Science, mind and soul in education
integration resources -


Fast track to the 21st century sciences:

Complete coverage of the 21st century emerging science trends mentioned above:

Personal empowerment through
Emotional Intelligence:

Learn, in 3 minutes, about:

Creative-R, the most fundamental force of the universe?
Without it, the universe would disappear inside a second.

Learn, in 7 minutes, about:
The Universe Grand Design and its six phases.
Why the universe is participative and we co-create it every moment.

Learn, in 3 minutes, about 'love' in 21st century science:
                          theories A universe of love, fact or fiction?
Why love is the ultimate synthesis of the universe.

Participate in a 30 minutes show on Creative-R, in PDF format:
                          theories Creative-R on its evolution to the Universe Grand Design.
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lota theories Creative-R on its evolution to the Universe Grand Design.
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